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Levitra  is a coated tablet produced by 1,2,3,4,8, and 12 pieces in one package. The main active ingredient of Levitra is Vardenafil (vardenafil).
The drug, as we have said, is intended to treat impotence. In general, an erection is a very complex process, which is based on the relaxation of smooth structures cavernous body of penis. When sexual excitement aroused nerve endings isolated a substance called NO2 or nitric oxide. The latter makes the active enzyme luanilattsiklazu. Further process leads to an increase in the content of the enzyme called guaznozinmonosfosfat. As a result, muscles relax, resulting in the blood flow to the penis.
Pharmacokinetics. Effects of Levitra can be estimated as instantaneous. After fifteen minutes the drug effect enhances erectile function immediately after the contact with preparation. Depending on the organism the drug effect may be delayed up to 25 minutes, but usually there is a quarter of an hour after ingestion before the drug stats working. Maximal effect of the drug is after sixty minutes, so the effect of Levitra on the body lasts an hour after taking the drug. If before the meal you ate fatty foods – absorbability of the drug will reduce by 20%, and general pharmacokinetic properties of vardenafil remain the same. Men in the age of sixty-five years, tolerate Levitra absolutely as well as young men. The use of Levitra, as well as Viagra, Cefagila, Sialis promotes restoration of the problems with potency, and returns all the charms of family life and restores strength for men.
Dosage, mode of administration:
Levitra is taken orally when the need aroses, and of course, after consultation with the doctor. The dose recommended for use is 10 mg. Mode of administration is as follows: for 25-60 minutes before coitus starts, you should take one tablet of Levitra so that at certain time the blood flow in the penis has reached its maximum level. If after time indicated on the packaging the effect of the drug did not come, you should consult with your doctor and you may have to increase the dosage. Adult men, as a rule, are recommended a lower dose of medication, such as 5 mg. Like Viagra and Sialis, Levitra should not be taken more than once a day. Otherwise Levitra can cause side effects. It is also necessary to mention that patients with liver problems should limit the dosageof Levitra in the amount of 5 mg.
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