The cure is out there
In modern times the diseases of the sexual character occupy the first places out of a total list of different diseases not only in our country but throughout the world.
The modern pace of life, family situation and working conditions contribute to the development of impotence in the male population. The problem is quite serious, as more and more men turn to health care institutions.
Many men try not to speak about their problems related to the potency as a result, most of them delay the time of referral to a doctor to the point when it is complete decline of male strength and life becomes unbearable. To solve this problem many sites in the Internet offer you the opportunity to purchase pharmaceutical products that improve erectile function.

“Sialis” – a drug which, along with Viagra or Levitra increases the lack of erection, resulting in lack of potency is transformed into normal functioning. The drugs are based on the flow of blood to the penis, which restores erectile function, contributing to the normal course of sexual intercourse.

Latin name of the drug – Sialis, the drug issold in packs of 1,2,4,8 tablets in one package. One pill of Sialis contents tadalafil (20 mg), which is the main active substance of the drug.
Tadalafil this is the active substance, which improves the erection of the penis. In the event of adequate sexual stimulation, the drug begins its action after sixteen minutes after the drug was taken. The effect from Sialis lasts thirty-six hours, allowing men to fully enjoy the process of coitus. There have been occasions when after taking Sialis, some men feel the increase in blood pressure and increased heart rate. Generally, the drug Sialis has no side effects. Moreover, the drug helps to increase sperm count and in general improves the state of the body.

Pharmacokinetics of Sialis:
Tadalafil actively absorbed in the blood and affects the body, whether before or after a meal you are taking the drug. The pharmacokinetics of this drug is similar to the pharmacokinetics of the people, who is not suffering from erectile dysfunction. The volume of tadalafil distribution in the body shows that the drug promotes normal functioning of the body. It is eliminated from the body naturally per rectum or through the urethra.

Speaking about the doses it should be said that it is taken 1 time a day for 16 minutes before coitus. Daily use of the drug is not desirable, it is not recommended as a very frequent use.
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